Bright and spacious gym “DIVS ” with mirrored walls equipped with the latest professional equipment – fitness machines Life fitness, kardio-line Life fitness.

You will be instructed on safety and an initial consultation with an explanation of technique exercises and sequences in a very beginning of training.

You may ask for personal training with coach on individual programs. Instructor constantly monitors the progress of training, advice and protects you when lifting weights.

Gym “DIVS ” has everything you need to exercising, you have reached the desired goals as a great feeling and a beautiful body !

For you there is fitness equipment for all muscle groups, including ergometers, treadmill, stepper, the necessary range of free weights Hammer (barbells, dumbbells).

For your comfort room is equipped with a TV.

Come to the gym “DIVS” and you will sure to find for yourself what you are looking for: an interesting company, recommendations and nurturing care of professionals, excellent physical shape and good mood regardless!

Cost of trainings:

Duration of trainings/
term of the subscription
Price (rubles)
1 sport training
60 minutes
1 sport training with a coaching
60 minutes
1 000
1 individual training with coaching
60 minutes
1 400
Subscription for 8 individual trainigs

Subscription for 8 training

1 month

1 month

5 000

2 000
Unlimited subscriptions
1 month
3 500
6 months
12 500
12 months
19 500

Mode of operation:
Mon-Fri: 17.00 – 22.00
Sat: 10.00-22.00,
Sun: closed.


Instructor: Elena Gorodchikova

She graduated from the College of Physical Culture and Sports, Ekaterinburg.

Sporting achievements:

1st adult category for: gymnastics, swimming, skiing, sports games, speed skating;
Candidate Master of Sports Acrobatics;
Master of sport of powerlifting;
Participated in numerous master classes and seminars in “gym”.