Summer sun generously gives us a sense of celebration, beauty and youth – all that we have lacked throu all the Ural long winter. We suggest you save the day with the help of tanning !

The principle of operation is to tanning by ultraviolet rays irradiated by influencing the pigmentation of the skin. Solarium is perfect not only because it gives our skin a nice bronze color, but also with the help of tanning can achieve a good cosmetic and therapeutic and prophylactic effect .

Tanning has the following advantages over natural:

  • There is no UV-C, the most harmful component of the radiation, in solarium cabine;
  • You will receive the necessary and sufficient dose does not cause burns and not provoking the development of melanoma;
  • Predominate in the solarium rays (A – rays here only 5-10 %), that is your skin will be exposed to virtually no process of photoaging, as well as UFB rays promote the formation of vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system, and most importantly, helps fight depression and stress ;
  • Sunbathing in the solarium at any time of the year, and in our climate, when the cold and dark days of the year a few times more, it is especially important ;
  • If you can not imagine a good holiday without warm sea and sandy beach, solarium will help prepare your skin for sunbathing – this tan will keep much longer.
  • Our vertical solarium made ​​in France.
Service Price (rubles.)
1 minute 15
Subscribtion for 100 minutes (by 2 months) 1 250
Subscribtion for 60 minutes (by 2 months) 750
Price for the clients who have a subscription of fitness-center
1 minute 12

Mode of operation:
Mon-Fri: 17.00-22.00;
Sat: 10.00-22.00;
Sun: closed.

Telephone for information: 359-37-74