Dear ladies and gentlemen !

Palace of Sports is proud to offer you our services of sports and cultural events .

Please note that your application is not approved in advance. In case when we have more than one application, priority is given to sports events for sports games as the main activity of the palace.

For your benefit as well as for the efficient interaction of all DIVS services, we use the principe of the “main punkt of applications” .

To organize the event, follow this plan of action

1. Conclude a contract with a service DIVS

2. Create a commission to establish readiness palace for the event and to sign the act readiness

3. Notify the police department for the event with a massive presence of people

4. Provide organizational department DIVS technical application or technical rider

5. Grant an order appointing persons responsible for fire safety

6. Provide Regulations  adn Script of your event

Phone of department of mass organizational work : +7 (343) 359-37-63